Couple of the year                                             - Hervé Mestron
Achat Livre : Couple of the year - Hervé Mestron

Couple of the year

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Couple of the year

Achat Livre : Couple of the year - Hervé Mestron
Une histoire à personnaliser... vous en êtes le co-auteur.

When your best friends and/or relatives have decided to organize your couple's anniversary party and insist on giving you a special present, when this present takes the shape of a trip for two to Egypt, there is no reason to refuse. Everything militates for taking advantage of a real face to face pleasure for a short while. But nothing will go as planned. Can one really trust friends and family?

Qu'allez vous recevoir ?

Une fois votre commande validée, nous vous expédions par courrier votre kit de personnalisation.

Celui-ci contient :
• Un code d'identification unique pour accéder au questionnaire de personnalisation sur le site

• Les explications vous permettant d'accéder au questionnaire de personnalisation correspondant à l'ouvrage acheté

Pour un test de personnalisation, rendez-vous à cette adresse

The characters
- The couple, male and female
- The secondary characters: friends and/or relatives (minimum 5)

- Adjustement of the roles according to both main characters' personalities (jealousy, vulnerability, impatience, etc.)
- Optional inclusion of an anniversary card written by the co-author(s)
- Customizable subtitle
- WARNING! This book is not suitable for a wedding gift

Customized book covers (included in the price) with fold-back flaps
- Picture of the heroes
- Picture of the co-author(s)
- Brief biography of the co-author(s)
- Dedication or brief biography of the heroes
- Subtitle

The size
- 13,5 x 20,5 cm
- 165 pages

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Couple of the year

Couple of the year

Hervé Mestron

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                                     - Hervé Mestron
Achat Livre : Couple of the year - Hervé Mestron

Couple of the year